Week 2 day 5

It seems this whole week the pairing is the most intense aspect of the course. As we pair with a new partner everyday, there are two code bases to choose from everyday, and we always use the code base that is behind. This helps a) the person to not miss anything and b) requires the partner who’s ahead to explain and redo some of the exercises and think about it again.

Today’s difficulty was, that we weren’t starting with my code base. This was the first time in the past two weeks. So far, I always had my code which I’ve been working on for a few days, I’d know what it does, where and why. However, looking at someone else’s code is a whole new story.

So I had already done some of the exercises we were doing and so I knew the answers to some of the problems, but me telling my partner my previous solution isn’t going to help anybody… So this clearly showed me, the knowledge gaps I have to fill. (RSpec as usual…)