Angular week

Last week we covered Angular a JavaScript library. As the angular documentation isn’t the easiest to understand, we were struggling quite a bit to figure things out.

Especially test-driving seemed very longwinded. It’s not like rspec which is super quick to set up! You have to set up karma for unit tests, protractor for feature tests, you need to install Java so it can run-in just seems very big, need to install a package for nicer format documentation, mocking…

On the plus side, karma keeps running continuously in the background so you see immediately if you’re test is passing after you save your file, without manually reloading the tests.

After three days of learning angular we had a two-day group project where we were asked to build a GitHub search that shows the users, their avatar, follower and repo number. This was quite challenging since it required two API calls, we tried nesting the API calls but couldn’t get the tests working (we realised that our first passing tests were vacuous and didn’t actually prove anything 😩)

So not the most successful week, but even though we couldn’t get the double APIs to work, I think I still made progress with angular itself. I have now a good understanding of factories and services and when to use them (which in the beginning of the week I thought I’d never get 🙌).

Small victory dance