Diving into JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX….

With a coffee by my side, I’m about to start this week’s weekend challenge, but I feel like I need to recapitulate what happened this week. Because it feels like a lot!

We’ve started on JavaScript this week, which is super exciting. Finally being able to make our websites interactive is pretty cool! To speed things up, we’ve also been introduced to JavaScript library jQuery.

Part of our weekly challenge was also about using and creating APIs. We’d used the Twilio API in week 2 to get sent a text for a successfully placed order, so I knew APIs were roughly about using other services data or functionality, but that was about it. So I was quite happy that this week, we took API keys apart and had a more closer look, to e.g. get the current weather in my hometown Markkleeberg (was pretty cold); and even created our own API using Sinatra, to store the temperature the user had set on in our interactive thermostat application. To handle the requests we used jQuery’s AJAX methods, also a first 🙂

So in summary: many, many firsts this week. New concepts and a lot of reading and filtering through documentation. It definitely feels like, we’re getting less and less guidance. We did get a pill (like a summary) on Javascript and differences to Ruby (classes vs. prototypes) but other than that the resources now are mainly just links to the actual documentation. So while it feels pretty hard, and often difficult to get anywhere, this is how it will most definitely be in “real life”.