Week 3 done…

Where has week 3 gone?

As mentioned in my previous post, this week we’ve started with the ruby web framework Sinatra. We’ve also finally started writing actual feature tests, using Capybara. So far all the feature tests were running a file with the methods of the programme in PRY. Now I can specify on a website which button click and which text should appear, seems way more advanced 😛

One important message from this week was: DO NOT USE GLOBAL VARIABLES. THEY’RE EVIL.

We had to promise to each other to not use them again, after this week. We’ve only used them in the beginning of the week before being introduced to class methods, which can do the same job, it seems like. (Memo to self: Need to work on my tech lingo to impress future employers…).

Another takeaway was: There is no such thing as a ‘page’ – it is way more than that. Not just a simple, static HTML file with in-line CSS! That’s so 1999.

Lastly, for the weekend challenge, our task was to build a rock, paper, scissors game. I’m currently trying to deploy that to Heroku, which wasn’t part of the challenge but I want to show my game off to the family. Will share it here as well, as soon as I’ve figured out why my rake is being aborted 😡 !! Here is the link: https://rockpaperscissors-anne.herokuapp.com.

Week 3 day 1


Sorry for the caps. This is so weird, on one side, it feels like I’ve always done this but on the other, it feels not long at all, haha.

Anyways, this week we’re going to start on web stuff: The ruby web framework Sinatra, Heroku and some HTML/CSS. This gives me massive comfort, as I’ve got some experience with that, especially the HTML/CSS I don’t have to stress out. I believe in week 8, we’ll be doing some more advanced HTML/CSS, and then it will probably get a bit crazy.

Yesterday morning, we had our code review and this time, because my mentor let me know that he wouldn’t be there, I grabbed one of the alumni helpers, who looked through my code. This was super helpful, as it showed me exactly where I need to improve my code.

I will probably try and get another mentor, as mine has already graduated and seems too busy to come in. This is a bit annoying, but I’ve already spoken to a coach about this and hope we can find a new mentor, otherwise, I always have to grab a helper, which wouldn’t be ideal but ok.