PreCourse Week 2 – Summary

Here’s my summary for my second week of the Precourse.

Usually I can do my current job from home, which means no commute and so I have more time for the Precourse. Unfortunately, I’d been having internet issues last week, so I had to go to the office but also doing the course work from home was a bit more tricky (#hotspotlife).

Most Important Things I Learned:

  • Need to get physically away from a problem, if I can’t solve it
  • Creating a ticket on stackoverflow shows similar tickets and better results than their search!

Things I Struggled With The Most:

  • Timing – due to no internet at home/working full time, I feel like I’m about half a week or so behind, but luckily my last day at work is this Thursday, so I’ll be able to catch up
  • Classes – getting the hang of them (as JavaScript doesn’t have Classes, the concept was completely new to me)

Changes I Plan to Make Next Week:

Other Experiences This Week:

Maker’s assigned each of us a mentor who we can pair with. My mentor is already working on his final project so hopefully I can put in some pair-programming time with him before he finishes. Generally, this is a great idea and it will give us the chance to programme with someone who’s more experienced and ask the 100 million questions that come up during the challenges 😀

My week in a gif! Source:

First day precourse: check!

First day of the precourse is done and I can’t wait to start! Today we, the February cohort, met up and had the change to get to know each other a little bit. The group is quite international which makes it an interesting bunch – I believe we cover 4 continents!

Other than that we we’re given more info about the schedule of the precourse. We will have learning material for every week to work through and then on Fridays we’ll be given a weekend challenge. They emphasised on working in pairs/groups for the exercises which will help us getting used to pair programming, a method we’ll be using throughout the course. The weekend challenges are designed to be done on our own, so we know we’re were at and, importantly, so the coaches know how we’re doing.

They also suggest to code everyday during the 4 weeks – so I’ll end this blog here and get on some codewars.

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Off to the precourse

Tomorrow is finally the day when the precourse will start. We will meet at the Makers Academy building and get to know each other and find out what we’ll be doing for the next 4 weeks.

I can’t wait to get started but I’m a little bit nervous as well, as I’ll be working full time alongside for the first three weeks of the precourse. During my interview with Makers they recommended giving yourself at least 15 hours a week for this precourse, so technically working should be fine. They also said, however, that having more time will be beneficial and someone even recommended taking time off work if possible.

On the other hand I see it as a good way of getting used to the busy and long schedule of the actual course.

So far the preparation for the precourse seemed well organised. We’ve been sent information on how to set up our machines for it, including which software/apps we need to stay in touch with other class members and staff. It’s nice to be able to feel prepared 🙂

Can’t wait!!!