Starting final project of makers academy

This past week, I have been working on my final project. My team and I will be making a social calendar app, which is supposed to make meeting up with friends easier, as you can share a calendar with them. Friends can show interest in events that others are taking part and join them.

For our little app we decided we wanted to learn something new. So instead of using Rails/Sinatra for our backend we went with Node, Express.js to be precise. Using Express itself has been okay so far, the trickiest bit was writing the tests. Different backend, means different testing suit – we used Mocha and Chai.

Despite the tests or the lack of good documentation, our little app is slowly coming together. I’m not sure if we will finish it the way we planned it out, at the beginning, but I sure am learning a lot from it, which to me is the most important factor.

Also I really enjoy working with my team! All of us had better and more challenging group/pairing sessions of the past few weeks. Because of these experiences we wanted to make sure to have two really good weeks. So we’ve agreed right at the start to have daily stand ups (at least 1), feedback sessions (end of the day/or as part of the stand up), and use the pomodoro technique to ensure we take breaks.

So far this has worked out really well, and I’m very happy 🤗

This is my amazing team: Paul, myself, and Yasmin (we met up yesterday at Yas’s place #bestoffice)
My team: Paul, myself, and Yasmin (we met up yesterday at Yas’s place #bestoffice)