It’s as easy as ABC

With lab week almost over and week 7 around the corner, I’m slowly starting to feel nervous about what’s going to come after this bootcamp.

I’ve read this blog post about junior developers getting a job and which mentions challenges especially bootcamp graduates face: not enough computer science knowledge and/or being used to solve algorithms. So I should be learning about:

  • Graph Search
  • Big-O Notation
  • Linked Lists
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays

as well as going to at least one meet up per week, either as attendee or as volunteer, and of course go to loads of hackathons.

I think I’ll start with the computer sciencey stuff. I had a go at creating a linked list in Ruby and found this article on big-o notation. I’ll also go back on codewars, to improve my algorithm-solving skills.

Good thing, we have this weekend off 😂

ABC – Always Be Coding

Lab week – a glimpse into the real world

We’re already halfway through the course and that means lab week at Makers academy! Usually the students could go into their own chosen studies but this time, the coaches wanted to change things up a little bit.

So we’ve been put into groups and going to work on a project within groups.

We are given the task to build an Airbnb clone, and then have to decide how we’re going to build it. We’re using for our project management. I’ve used trello before, but waffle’s big advantage is that it’s directly connected to our Github account. So for example, when one person send a pull request for their branch to master, waffle automatically moves the project into QA, so the other team members know they need to take a look at that piece of code.

We’re also having stand ups in our little groups in the morning, to see how everyone is doing, and I believe we’ll have a retrospective at the end of the week. So this week feels more like reality: making decision on how to build a project, creating user stories from specifications and estimating how long it will take to finish a certain task.