Hiring week

With the presentation of my final project, I’ve officially graduated from Makers Academy. I can write Junior Web Developer on my CV now and will be paid for writing code. Right now this seems absolutely crazy! I’ve only just stared coding right?

But thanks to makers I’m not completely lost – the last official week is dedicated to preparing us for the next steps: finding jobs, writing a meaningful CV, preparing interviews and tech tests etc.

Here are the main things I’ve learned:

  • Keep coding (refactoring old projects and creating new ones)
  • Go to events and meet other techies
  • Use your personal network (even if they don’t work in IT, most companies have a website these days and dev departments)
  • Have a CV that is personal and couldn’t be written by 30 other people if you remove your name

So what’s next?

There are so many things that I could be doing now which is quite overwhelming. For now I’ve decided to go back to basics. To make sure that I am writing cleanest code (small goals to start with).

To keep coding we’ve been recommended to try upcase.com, which is by the makers of thoughtbots and provides many resources and exercises to practise your coding skills. (I’m currently working on the refactoring trail.)

Even though looking for jobs, interviewing and all the rest of it is scary, I’m really excited to start a new job 🙂