PreCourse Week 2 – Summary

Here’s my summary for my second week of the Precourse.

Usually I can do my current job from home, which means no commute and so I have more time for the Precourse. Unfortunately, I’d been having internet issues last week, so I had to go to the office but also doing the course work from home was a bit more tricky (#hotspotlife).

Most Important Things I Learned:

  • Need to get physically away from a problem, if I can’t solve it
  • Creating a ticket on stackoverflow shows similar tickets and better results than their search!

Things I Struggled With The Most:

  • Timing – due to no internet at home/working full time, I feel like I’m about half a week or so behind, but luckily my last day at work is this Thursday, so I’ll be able to catch up
  • Classes – getting the hang of them (as JavaScript doesn’t have Classes, the concept was completely new to me)

Changes I Plan to Make Next Week:

Other Experiences This Week:

Maker’s assigned each of us a mentor who we can pair with. My mentor is already working on his final project so hopefully I can put in some pair-programming time with him before he finishes. Generally, this is a great idea and it will give us the chance to programme with someone who’s more experienced and ask the 100 million questions that come up during the challenges 😀

My week in a gif! Source:

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