Mice and motivational problems

At home, we had a little four-legit visitor last night, which kept us awake for quite some time before we could finally catch him (see below for a picture).

So with my beauty sleep interrupted, I was tired and unmotivated today and couldn’t really get myself to code, which is quite unusual.

I think right now, the constant coding and learning of new things feels very overwhelming, and it is quite crowded in my head. I’ve been programming every day for the past 7 weeks. In the past 4 for probably at least 7 hours a day during the week and who knows how many hours during weekends. Constant learning, pairing, failing/passing/rewriting tests.. This has definitely caught up with me now and I can feel it.

So for me, this Easter weekend feels like a bit of a breather. Even though, not for very long… since next week will be shorter and we’ll have less time to solve the weekly challenge, but there you go! It’s not like I hadn’t been warned about the most intense, but best 12 weeks ever!

The little guy when we set him free