Building websites and games

Yesterday we finished our MVP for our Japanisify app (as we had hoped). This means the translation algorithm is done and the user can now enter their name and see the Japanese translation!

Here is the first version of our JapanisifyAPP.

So today we’ve started refactoring the code, as our coach also told us, we need to break our really long Regex into small functions, and we also added some front end to make it look pretty, and I started on adding some extra features. For example printing your name in Japanese and showing past searches.

Some thoughts we had about potential features for our project

In the afternoon we had a games workshop, which showed us how to build a space invaders game in JavaScript (not the whole game but the important things we should keep in mind when building games). So I think I want to build a game now 🙂 I’ll probably start with building the all-time fave snake 🐍

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