Off to the precourse

Tomorrow is finally the day when the precourse will start. We will meet at the Makers Academy building and get to know each other and find out what we’ll be doing for the next 4 weeks.

I can’t wait to get started but I’m a little bit nervous as well, as I’ll be working full time alongside for the first three weeks of the precourse. During my interview with Makers they recommended giving yourself at least 15 hours a week for this precourse, so technically working should be fine. They also said, however, that having more time will be beneficial and someone even recommended taking time off work if possible.

On the other hand I see it as a good way of getting used to the busy and long schedule of the actual course.

So far the preparation for the precourse seemed well organised. We’ve been sent information on how to set up our machines for it, including which software/apps we need to stay in touch with other class members and staff. It’s nice to be able to feel prepared 🙂

Can’t wait!!!

Getting started with Makers Academy

Hi there,

my name is Anne and I will be doing a coding bootcamp starting this February! The bootcamp I’ve chosen is called Makers Academy and will last for 12 weeks + 4 weeks pre & prep course. I want to document my path to becoming a junior web developer as well as blog about my experience with Makers, which might help other people who also consider changing careers and making coding their own.

If you want to find out more about the MA, I recommend taking a look at their website: As I do the course, I’ll happily review them in more detail, of course!

Side note: Please excuse ze Englisch of mine – I’m German 😉

That’s it for today or, to use one of my favourite English phrases:

ta ta for now <3